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Thread: Is Mo the greatest Yankee pitcher ever?

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    Is Mo the greatest Yankee pitcher ever?

    I know he is a relief pitcher and relievers are considered to be less valuable than starters. I also acknowledge that the Yanks have had some great starters (C.C., Pettite, Cone, Roger, Guidry, etc.) as well as some hall of famers that were way before my time (Whitey, etc.) but Mo is such a consensus GOAT as a closer and was such an integral part to these last 5 championships that I think you could make a very legitimate argument that he is the greatest pitcher to ever don pinstripes.

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    he is one the of the greatest pitchers ever in all of baseball

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    The 3 greatest pitchers in Yankee history are Whitey Ford, Lefty Gomez & Mariano Rivera.

    Whitey & Lefty are in the HOF and Mo will be. Lefty won 5 championships, just like Mo, and Whitey won 6.

    1. Mariano Rivera
    2. Whitey Ford
    3. Lefty Gomez

    Three HOFers (Mo soon to be), with at least 5 championships each. You can't go wrong if no matter how you list them.

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    No,however, he is the greatest closer in all of baseball.


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