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Thread: Gholston voted NFL's Cleanest Player

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    [QUOTE=oh well okay;3346116]from :P

    Vernon Gholston Voted NFL's Cleanest Player

    NEW YORK--Vernon Gholston is the cleanest player in the NFL...

    “Gholston is definitely the cleanest player in the NFL,” said Colts running back Joseph Addai. “I don’t know, for some reason he just refuses to tackle me. He’s so polite! Most defenders are like ‘Grrr! I’m gonna kill you, *****!’ but [B]Vernon just halfheartedly waves his arms [/B]and lets me go by.[/QUOTE]


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    I don't understand why Coach Rex keeps Chalston around. The man doesn't want to do anything. The coach saids his is a good run stopper. Maybe the team is saving him for the payoffs. Chalston is a good pass rusher as well as a run stopper. He may be the best player on the defense, and the Coach knows it.


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    one question though, when did big mouth, nothing accomplished, Joseph Addai actually play an NFL game against VG?

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    [QUOTE=ASH_1962;3348406]one question though, when did big mouth, nothing accomplished, Joseph Addai actually play an NFL game against VG?[/QUOTE]

    The "article" is a freakin' JOKE.....y' it NOT true?

    What a maroon![IMG][/IMG]

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    Gholston was solid yesterday. Not once did I see him standing around the pile with a confused look on his face after not contributing on the tackle.

    Seriously though. Even though my eyes tells me he sucks on a whole other level, it is strange that our defense was elite when he played alot and close to abysmal when he didn't. Again I don't think he's good. It's just strange. Personally I think it's because we can only stop passing teams, and are clueless against running teams. But still. Maybe pushing linemen back and doing nothing else is important for this defense to work?
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