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Thread: Elias Compensation Rankings

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    Elias Compensation Rankings

    How is Matsui not ATLEAST A B? This is bullsh*t

    MLB Free-Agent Compensation 'Elias Rankings' Released
    Posted Nov 09, 2009 3:04PM By ED PRICE

    CHICAGO -- The annual Elias rankings are out, determining which free agents could result in draft-pick compensation for their former teams.

    Free agents are classified as Type A, Type B or not at all. The compensation applies to free agents offered arbitration by their former club by the Dec. 1 deadline or to those who sign before then.

    If a team signs a Type A free agent, its first-round pick goes to the former team -- unless that pick is in the top 15, in which case a second-round pick goes to the former team. The former team also gets an extra pick between the first and second rounds.

    If a team loses a Type B free agent, it gets an extra "sandwich" pick.

    The types are calculated based on statistics over the 2008-09 seasons.

    After the jump, the lists of Type A and B free agents:

    Players with * have 2010 options in current contract

    Type A free agents (with former team):
    Jason Bay, OF, Boston
    Rafael Betancourt, RP, Colorado*
    Orlando Cabrera, IF, Minnesota
    Johnny Damon, OF, Yankees
    Octavio Dotel, RP, White Sox
    Jermaine Dye, OF, White Sox*
    Chone Figgins, IF, Angels
    Mike Gonzalez, RP, Atlanta
    John Grabow, RP, Cubs
    Kevin Gregg, RP, Cubs
    LaTroy Hawkins, RP, Houston
    Matt Holliday, OF, St. Louis
    Orlando Hudson, IF, Dodgers
    John Lackey, SP, Angels
    Cliff Lee, SP, Philadelphia*
    Victor Martinez, C/1B, Boston*
    Bengie Molina, C, San Francisco
    Darren Oliver, RP, Angels
    Placido Polanco, IF, Detroit
    Manny Ramirez, OF, Dodgers*
    Marco Scutaro, IF, Toronto
    Rafael Soriano, RP, Atlanta
    Miguel Tejada, IF, Houston
    Jose Valverde, RP, Houston
    Billy Wagner, RP, Boston
    Randy Wolf, SP, Dodgers

    Type B free agents (with former team):
    Garret Anderson, OF, Atlanta
    Rod Barajas, C, Toronto
    Erik Bedard, SP, Seattle
    Joe Beimel, RP, Colorado
    Ronnie Belliard, IF, Dodgers
    Adrian Beltre, IF, Seattle
    Doug Brocail, RP, Houston*
    Marlon Byrd, OF, Texas
    Kiko Calero, RP, Florida
    Mike Cameron, OF, Milwaukee
    Carl Crawford, OF, Tampa Bay*
    Doug Davis, SP, Arizona
    Carlos Delgado, 1B, Mets
    Mark DeRosa, IF, St. Louis
    Justin Duchscherer, SP, Oakland
    Scott Eyre, RP, Philadelphia
    Jon Garland, SP, Dodgers
    Brian Giles, OF, San Diego
    Troy Glaus, IF, St. Louis
    Vladimir Guerrero, OF, Angels
    Rich Harden, SP, Cubs
    Ramon Hernandez, C, Cincinnati*
    Bob Howry, RP, San Francisco
    Nick Johnson, 1B, Florida
    Randy Johnson, SP, San Francisco
    Jason Kendall, C, Milwaukee
    Adam LaRoche, 1B, Atlanta
    Braden Looper, SP, Milwaukee*
    Felipe Lopez, IF, Milwaukee
    Brandon Lyon, RP, Detroit
    Jason Marquis, SP, Colorado
    Guillermo Mota, RP, Dodgers
    Melvin Mora, IF, Baltimore
    Xavier Nady, OF, Yankees
    Will Ohman, RP, Dodgers*
    Miguel Olivo, C, Kansas City*
    Vicente Padilla, SP, Dodgers
    Chan Ho Park, RP, Philadelphia
    Carl Pavano, SP, Minnesota
    Andy Pettitte, SP, Yankees
    Joel Pineiro, SP, St. Louis
    Fernando Rodney, RP, Detroit
    Ivan Rodriguez, C, Texas
    Brian Shouse, RP, Tampa Bay*
    Russ Springer, RP, Tampa Bay
    Fernando Tatis, IF, Mets
    Yorvit Torrealba, C, Colorado*
    Jason Varitek, C, Boston*
    Tim Wakefield, SP, Boston
    David Weathers, RP, Milwaukee*
    Randy Winn, OF San Francisco
    Gregg Zaun, C, Tampa Bay*

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    I really don't understand how Matsui didn't get a B status. I know he had some injury problems last year, but he still played 142 games in the most recent year with .876 OPS. I would guess it must be because of the number of corner outfielders that put up great numbers in the league.

    I'm guessing Matsui's returning or retiring though anyways, and I'm not too sure Matsui was going to be offered arbitration regardless...

    But seriously.. behind Brian Giles, Randy Winn and Xavier Nady? Really?
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