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Thread: Dodgers Interested in Castillo?

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    Dodgers Interested in Castillo?

    Minaya said some teams have shown interest in Luis Castillo. The Dodgers are one team to have spoken to the Mets. How about Castillo for his old Marlins teammate Juan Pierre?
    Don't want Pierre, but the Mets really HAVE to get rid of this guy. He was acquired in August 2007. From there came the epic collapse. In 2008, when the Mets had their little run in the mid summer guess where Castillo was? On the DL. 2009...enough said. They have to get rid of him as much from a he's always going to be hated standpoint as much of a baseball one.

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    Would love if the Mets could move Castillo but what are they going to do with Juan Pierre, would that lessen the chance of Matt Holliday?

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    It sounded like the Pierre thing was more speculation by the writer.... you know, bad contract for bad contract thing. My guess more would be the Mets would be paying part of his salary instead, and hoping to pry away someone like Dewitt in the process (Who would clearly be out of their plans)


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