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Thread: So many Jets fans suck.

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    so your point is that they should have stayed at Shea?

    You do know that even the Mets couldn't stand that dungheap anymore

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    Should have spent the money and paid off everyone in sight to extend/rebuild the Jones Beach Amputheatre.

    That would have been something special. Long Island, with incredible overhead shots of the Ocean on TV.

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    [QUOTE=sg3;3359297]so your point is that they should have stayed at Shea?

    You do know that even the Mets couldn't stand that dungheap anymore[/QUOTE]

    the location was the key not how visually pleasing the stadium was. The passionate Jets fan has been replaced over the years. (And, to be clear, I live in New Jersey.)

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    But the bottom line to me is this; [B]This generation of fans are simply not as good of football fans....period.[/B] [/QUOTE]

    Oh please. I'm one of the old guys and even I think this sounds more like some old guy whining about the way it was....When I was your age we......

    You know what? it wasn't that great back then but I guess we also didn't have the internet where we could publicly cry about all this all the time either.

    [B]A winning football team gets people in the seats. Plain and simple. [/B]

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    [QUOTE=intelligentjetsfan;3359292]Excellent post.

    As the years have gone by I have observed a few things about the AVERAGE jets fan at the stadium.

    1. there are a lot of empty seats as the game is about to kick. There is no doubt that the extra security and traffic accounts for some of this but not all. There are a ton of fans drinking in the parking lot instead of heading into the stadium for the start of the game. Its much more important to get trashed then to be in the seats for kickoff. The lack of energy in the stadium for most of the games is real and looks awful on TV too.

    2. the Jets fans that attend the games have changed over the years. The real strong jets fan who sat in the cold at Shea is not the same fan as what we now have in these Giants stadium seats. Many of those old fans from Shea have stopped going for many reasons, including the drive from their homes to the stadium.

    But the bottom line to me is this; [B]This generation of fans are simply not as good of football fans....period.[/B] They yell and scream when the Jets offense is on the field, don't show when the weather is bad and would rather be home watching the game on their flat screen. They did not cut their teeth in the winds of Shea Stadium.

    Leon Hess hurt this franchise by selling out the fans for clean bathrooms in Jersey. And as the fans that went to Shea continue to get older and more jaded with prices and PSLs they will eventually stop going to the meadowlands all together. The fans that replace them will not remind anyone of the fans in Green Bay or Denver.[/QUOTE]


    I would rather drive to Riverhead Long Island to see the Jets play then to go to another game at Giants Stadium or "The New Giants Stadium."

    When the Jets moved to Giants Stadium many old die hard fans gave up their tickets because it took 3 plus hours to get back to their homes on Long Island. The guys who sit behind me live in eastern Suffolk county, leave their homes at 8 am for 1 o'clock games. They told me they rarely get home before 8 pm because of traffic after the game.
    My point is many of the old Jets fans were replaced with fans who couldn't get Giants tickets so they bought Jets tickets so they could go to a couple of games a year and see the Giants- Jets every few years. The rest of their tickets were sold to people who don't care about the Jets or are fans of the opponent. That's why there were thousands of Dolphins fans at the game 2 weeks ago
    There are seats in my section that always have opposing fans sitting in them.
    These same people didn't want to move to NYC because there would be no
    tailgating. Hey I like to tailgate, but I go to games to see the Jets play and
    hopefully win. If you need an excuse to eat and drink outside,

    Go Frickin Camping.

    By the way if anyone cares I lived in Brooklyn when the Jets played in Shea.
    Now I live at the Jersey shore...and yes I would rather drive to Riverhead then go to this new stadium.


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