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Thread: Question about NFL rules and Jones-Drew's non-TD

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    [QUOTE=GreenJoe;3359604]Agreed 100%. That is the perfect time for a kamikaze style hit.

    Obliterate him and pop that ball out.[/QUOTE]

    and they land on it and score a TD anyway?

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    [QUOTE=Batmans A Scientist;3359665]McKelvin didn't try to go down until after the Pats got there. MJD was already down.[/QUOTE]

    True. That was our fault too. We weren't even there.

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    [QUOTE=RaoulDuke;3358801]Here's what we should have done

    He runs his way all the way to the 1 and takes a knee.

    NOONE touches him. The defensive unit forms a wall at the goal line.

    Time ticks off the clock. RB starts freaking out seeing the clock wind down.


    NOONE touches him. He goes for the TD we stop him. Game over.


    you joke about this but i considered that exact scenario in my head


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