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    Mark Sanchez as a rookie, starting only 9 games & winning 3 has put the NY Jets in position to win 3 of the last 5 losses. I could care less what happened in the 1st three quarters if your QB, comes through and puts you ahead of the competion at the end of the game.
    He did it in Miami- defense couldn't hold
    He did it against Buffalo, twice
    1st- we mishandled the FG
    2nd- TE held on a run play that put us in easy field goal range
    3rd- Yesterday- took us down the field to score with 4 minutes left- defense again couldn't hold.

    Want to know the difference between Brady, 1st year (not a rookie) & Sanchez? Defense
    Pats did not lose games at the end in 2001. If Brady put them up, Pats defense closed the door.

    I actually feel for him. Makes me think that the whole scripted press conference was just his way to get this crap over with. We know what we saw out there. Bottom line is Mark got them the lead & the defense let them down. This aint college anymore, he's a rookie & I believe he's getting mentally fatiqued which is not surprising. Shoddy has put a lot on this kid! He's fought back from terrible 3rd down & longs ect. He's realizing that it is very difficult to be a QB in this town. But, he's no loser & that's killing him! So shoot him because he cares as much as you & me.

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    So shoot him because he cares as much
    what? are you going to shoot him a few hotdogs???

    not every rookie qb that is thrown into the limelight is going to put up numbers like flacco and ryan. people need to realize that every qb is different and has a different style of play and a different team. although i am not a sanchez fan(person reason) i dont think he is a bust of qb.


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