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Thread: The Jets haven't talked since week 4

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    The Jets haven't talked since week 4

    Seriously STFU with this crap.

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    they have talked all season.
    the defense has collapsed in big spots.
    3-0 season, now 1-5 in the last 6 games. What a huge disaster.

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    [QUOTE=Chupa;3359347]Seriously STFU with this crap.[/QUOTE]

    what have you been watching?

    Bart Scott cant shut up..calling out MJD this week with the trash talking...AFTER LOSING TO MIAMI FOR A SECOND TIME sarcastically telling them they are SB contenders..this team and Scott inparticular needs to shut up..

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    [QUOTE=gqxluvx;3359351]Scott inparticular needs to shut up..[/QUOTE]

    especially since he has played like crap. whens the last time he has made a play?

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    Dude take the earplugs out


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    [QUOTE=Chupa;3359347]Seriously STFU with this crap.[/QUOTE]

    No, they deserve everything that gets said about them, whether it's the tweeting, all the bs they said in the off season, guys going on the tv and talking about taking guys out, etc etc, they deserve every last drop of whatever comes their way. Then maybe they'll learn to let their play do the talking for them and they'll get some respect.


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