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Thread: Sanchez needs a veteran QB more then ever

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    If we are talking about needing a vet QB to help Sanchez ON THE FIELD - then I disagree.

    If we are talking about a vet QB to help with the post game presssers and handling the media, than I would think hiring a publicist would be better because:

    A. Be better at coping with the piranhas than ANY back up QB, and
    B. Be a whole hell of a lot cheaper

    Who cares what was said and done right after the game. I know that said a few things yesterday (and quite a few days this year) that have to make my kids a little worried about my mental well being - but who cares.

    Half of those dimwits don't have a nice thing to say win or lose. Regardless of what you say, they are going to trash the Jets and their symbol of the future. I for one, don't read a damn paper during the season. I get all I need watching and re-watching all of the games - although it has been pretty difficult lately. Maybe I will just rewatch the Raider game again.

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    [QUOTE=LI JET FAN;3359407]This is baptism by fire what Sanchez is going through and right now he's right in the media's sights.Right now a Garcia or some other veteran QB could be helping him through the New York media minefield.After yesterday's post game speech to the media he's on every reporters to ream list.He needs to pipe down and grow up fast otherwise he'll be eaten alive. Also his continued mistakes on the field makes me ask the question is he being coached properly to not make the same mistakes over and over again.Clemmens doesn't have that 'it' factor as he hasn't played many games as a starting QB.He through no falt of his own can't tell Sanchez what to expect with dealing with the media or how to carry himself as the face of the New York Jets.Hopefully he'll mature rather quickly otherwise it will hold him back to be an elite QB in the NFL.[/QUOTE]

    Matt Cavanaugh.

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    i agree, an experienced vet QB certianly can help mark deal with the bumps in the road, and learn how to cope and rebound from errors in ame and lossed with minimal hangover effect.

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    This little "incident" really isn't that big of a deal, and it will wash over in a few weeks. Let's not forget, Mr. Rhodes Scholar finalist laced into the media [I]as a [U]veteran[/U],[/I] attempting to teach them a lesson in humility about how it is a privelege for them to do their jobs as journalists. How long did that firestorm last in the media?

    Yet another tempest in the teapot that is the Jets and New York media hounds.

    Sanchez will do just fine. I am not against seeing a veteran come in to offer a "been-there-done-that" type of influence, but not for reasons such as how to "deal" with the NY media.

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    [QUOTE=RussianGreen;3359476]Vinny T[/QUOTE]

    Sanchez has already mastered the interception.

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    [QUOTE=Borgoguy;3359821]Sanchez has already mastered the interception.[/QUOTE]

    He's still not in Cutlers class with 17..:yes:

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    [QUOTE=Savage69;3359823]He's still not in Cutlers class with 17..:yes:[/QUOTE]

    And I really wanted us to sign Cutler, too. Eventually, I think he will be great for the Bears, as will Sanchez for us.

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    [QUOTE=RussianGreen;3359476]Vinny T[/QUOTE]

    Vinny appears to be a nice guy, but I don't think he'll be asked to be mentoring [I]anyone[/I] any time soon.


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