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Thread: rex never hang his guys to dry..

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    rex never hang his guys to dry..

    Watching his presser now. Media trying for him to put blame on some one. He points it all on him self.

    On rhodes blown coverage. He said one was supposed to be open lane and the other close. Both leonard and rhodes were open. The media asked who was supposed to be closed. He said he would not go there. I like that he did not say who it was. Let him scold them behind closed doors and notwith the media.

    On carroll. He said cole earned the job. and cummings was doing very good on scout team. They asked why carroll, since he was a special team ace. He said go ask him. So something happened with him ryan does not want to say.

    also liked that he said they need to get a mirror to look at them selves.

    I don't know how can any one be anti-ryan. He will be a great coach.

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    I am still a fan of Rex as well. I could care less what Fatscesa thinks about him.

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    What coach hangs his players out to dry?

    No one. My concern is if we give this guy an IQ test, he would be below the bell curve by about 50 points. Yes, he is entertaining. Give me less entertainment and a few more wins in the last 3 minutes with the mouths on this team. Until they put it on the field and tear our hearts out in the last minutes of the game, coach the team.Coach the defense in order that they shut it down in the 4th quarter. And while you are at it, dont ask me to scream like a maniac when our defense is sitting there at 3rd and 1 and then tell me the player couldnt hear the other player to tell him about coverage. What do you do at practice and watching game film? Texting you pictures to Ebony? Obviously not paying attention to the details.


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