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Thread: Cadillac or Jamaal Charles? Who to start?

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    Cadillac or Jamaal Charles? Who to start?

    OK I neeeeed this win and I'm up against the top scoring team in my league.

    Charles is home against PIT, who is #1 against fantasy RBs, but without Polamalu and Charles broke out last week, tough to sit.

    Cadillac is home against the Saints who are 23rd against RBs.

    I could also sit both and throw in Manningham against the Falcons, who suck against WRs, but I probably won't do that anyway.

    Please help me think this out, I need to make the playoffs! I can't play in the Toilet Bowl 2 years in a row!!!!!

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    If it's a PPR league I definitely start Jamaal Charles over Cadillac. If it's not, I probably flip a coin or lean towards Charles.

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    Both are pretty bad options. Charles' breakout game cam against the Raiders D which could make Blair Thomas look like Ladainian Tomlinson. Cadillac is the better back and is facing the weaker D but Radio Raheem insists on splitting his carries with Ward plus the Bucs are probably going to abandon the run early when they fall behind.

    Start Charles or actually I like Manningham better but I always start a minimum 4 RB's. Get someone off the waiver wire.

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    thanks boys.

    i know they both kinda suck, but my whole team sucks lol. Since Leon went down, my top back is J. Stewart, who put up a dud tonight. Somehow I manage to win games though.

    Before the mocking begins.. its a keeper league in the 5th season and I did not plan ahead. hence the suckiest team ever.


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