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Thread: Opportunistic media whores crash Obama's party, get caught on Facebook

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    Do you guys honestly believe that an agency that does this on a daily basis, allowed something like this to happen? There's nothing else that can involved in this?

    Sometimes everything isn't what it seems.

    Anyway, the Secret Service is kind of at fault. Kind of. Look a little deeper if you can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Come Back to NY View Post
    how can zero be expected to stop terrorists from sneaking onto airplanes when he can't even stop people from crashing his party's????
    - Now we learn there has been another party crasher for the White House state dinner.

    - President Obama takes 8 months to nominate a someone to head the TSA.

    - President Obama's staff take 3 hours to notify Obama about the failed terrorist incident on Christmas. During that time Obama was golfing and watching a movie.

    - Two days later two Obama administration officials, Napolitano and Gibbs, go on Sunday morning television news programs to say "the system worked." These two administration officials did not work independently - their simultaneous "the system worked" message obviously came from the White House.

    - The following day Napolitano went back on television to say "the system DIDN'T work."

    - Obama administration officials like David Axelrod blamed George Bush for the failed terrorist incident on Christmas even though they have been in charge for 11 months. Dick Cheney responds.

    - Little if anything is heard from President Obama's National Security Adviser General James Jones.

    - President Obama's top counter terrorism chief Michael Leiter is granted a vacation by the White House the day after the failed terrorist incident on Christmas.

    - VP Joe Biden goes on vacation to the Bahamas during this time.

    - Since the Christmas failed terrorist incident Obama has made several teleprompter assisted speeches.

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