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Thread: Opportunistic media whores crash Obama's party, get caught on Facebook

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    Do you guys honestly believe that an agency that does this on a daily basis, allowed something like this to happen? There's nothing else that can involved in this? :rolleyes:

    Sometimes everything isn't what it seems.

    Anyway, the Secret Service is kind of at fault. Kind of. Look a little deeper if you can.

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    [QUOTE=Come Back to NY;3434580]how can zero be expected to stop terrorists from sneaking onto airplanes when he can't even stop people from crashing his party's???? :shakehead


    - Now we learn there has been another party crasher for the White House state dinner.

    - President Obama takes 8 months to nominate a someone to head the TSA.

    - President Obama's staff take 3 hours to notify Obama about the failed terrorist incident on Christmas. During that time Obama was golfing and watching a movie.

    - Two days later two Obama administration officials, Napolitano and Gibbs, go on Sunday morning television news programs to say "the system worked." These two administration officials did not work independently - their simultaneous "the system worked" message obviously came from the White House.

    - The following day Napolitano went back on television to say "the system DIDN'T work."

    - Obama administration officials like David Axelrod blamed George Bush for the failed terrorist incident on Christmas even though they have been in charge for 11 months. Dick Cheney responds.

    - Little if anything is heard from President Obama's National Security Adviser General James Jones.

    - President Obama's top counter terrorism chief Michael Leiter is granted a vacation by the White House the day after the failed terrorist incident on Christmas.

    - VP Joe Biden goes on vacation to the Bahamas during this time.

    - Since the Christmas failed terrorist incident Obama has made several teleprompter assisted speeches.

    "Change (Incompetence) We Can Believe In"



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