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Thread: When Greatness becomes Sadness

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    When Greatness becomes Sadness

    Just watched Roy Jones Jnr get destroyed tonight in the first round by my fellow Australian, Danny Green. I am the first to admit that Green is nowhere near the level of greatness that RJJ once was. It was a very sad sight.

    It got me thinking that the beginning of the end for RJJ was when he went up to heavy to take on John Ruiz - he toyed with Ruiz, but putting on all that weight destroyed his speed at the lower weights afterwards. He's never been the same fighter since and tonight was thumped by someone I'd put in the journeyman category.

    Please, RJJ, retire. Retire now while you still have some of your marbles. Retire while there is a possibility you will not get dementia in two decades time. You are a legend and deserve to live a long and healthy life with all of your wits about you telling your grandchildren of your exploits in your heyday.

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    I think it has more to do with the fact that he is 40 yrs old and still fighting. He moved up in wieght to fight Ruiz because there was no one left to fight in his own division because he demolished them all. Plus, Ruiz was such a soft puncher that there was no chance that Roy would get hurt by him and it was an easy chance to outbox a slow man for another title.

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    Didn't see the fight but thankfully this should end the Hopkins - Jones talk and they can retire and argue over who was better

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    Agree, he was never the same after the Ruiz fight. When he met Tarver, having had to lose so much weight he looked emaciated, terrible. The Ruiz fight was a pyrrhic victory if ever there was one. Danny Green couldn't carry his jockstrap if both met in their respective primes.
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