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    Time Shares

    What do people think about time shares, especially those that own them or have owned them?

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    [QUOTE=Heynowguy;3387897]What do people think about time shares, especially those that own them or have owned them?[/QUOTE]

    They suck. IMO.

    Try to sell one... almost impossible.

    the market is BLOATED with people who bought them , pay dues etc.... and can't dump them.

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    ... i think about them as little as possible ...


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    I was given one by my in-laws who no longer wanted it and its worked out pretty good. If I had to pay for it maybe I would feel different. LOL.

    We have our traded Cape Cod week traded for Virginia Beach, Key West and St. Maarten.

    The key thing is does the company have a wide variety of places to trade and is it easy to trade.

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    they are a complete waste...similar to a psl

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    The answer is, it depends....if you buy one in a certain area or resort it has value by itself and also as a yearly trade. Nothing to do with the value of NFL PSL's except like PSL's some will have more value than others and the value may fluctuate. I would recommend buying one where you and your heirs can own it forever (I remember some friends buying a Puerto Vallarta TS with a 20 yr fixed ownership term)

    If you bought one years ago and sold it now you probably wouldn't get what you paid for it, that's the state of the ts market. The flip side is that they're cheaper than years past, just like a lot of real estate.

    I just transferred mine (an Aruba Resort) to my brother in law. He paid me the average going rate for the same size room ($2500) which is about 1/3 of what I originally paid. He now owns that ts week but he has to pay a yearly "maintenance" fee to the resort (which tripled in 15 years to > $600) and has to pay a transfer agent membership fee (minimum $75-100 to Interval International, there is also RCI) if he wants to swap his week to another resort (i. e. FL)

    Aruba happens to be one of those places where a ts has had premium value, I did not lose on that "investment" long term. The week/general location is so valuable not only can it be traded for any other resort in the network, every year the transfer agent gave an extra vacation week for trading it in. Like a Giants or Cowboys PSL vs. Panthers PSL...

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    [QUOTE=manzif55;3388053]they are a complete waste...similar to a psl[/QUOTE]

    Ah not entirely true. It depends on who you buy it with.

    - NEVER buy from a company that's out of this country. If legalities arise you could be at a big disadvantage if it's a foreign company.

    - Buy from a reputable firm that has plenty of alternatives. Marriot is a prime example. You can trade within the Marriot system or turn it in for Marriot points which you can use towards hotel stays, airfare, etc.

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    I own through the Disney Vacation Club and coudn't be happier. It's points based. Go where you want, when you want, in the size accomodation you want. Bank a years points into next year. Borrow points from upcoming years. Extremely flexible.

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    This is a little off the subject, but some of you may find the information useful:

    If you are employeed by or retired from the federal goveral government either in the military or as a civilian you are eligible to use the services of the Armed Forces Vacation Club (AFVC). Quite simply, it is a pool of unoccupied vacation homes available for ridiculously low rates (most are $329/week), since they would otherwise be unoccupied. They are located throughout the world in virtually any location you can imagine. All inclusive resorts are more expensive, but nonetheless, deeply discounted.



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