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Thread: Villanova Football Headed for the National Championship

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    Villanova Football Headed for the National Championship

    Exciting win over W & M tonight from the illustrious Villanova Stadium. Great to see my alma mater with a solid football team this year. Even though it's really a bball school, football was always my preferred sport. Next week they're in Chattanooga for a chance at the FCS title. Go 'Cats!

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    I go to U of Montana, just got back from a the game vs Appalachian state. It was out of this world. What a great atmosphere and contest.

    No way you guys are beating us. Montana over Nova 35-28 is my prediction. Hope for a good game and I cannot wait.

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    Let's go NOVA

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    it is amazing how little interest there is in college football in the northeast yet the CAA continues to be the most dominant conference in IAA.....

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    Nova speed vs. Montana power. Tonight on ESPN 2... I'd love to see Nova take home the title.

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    National Champions baby!

    I don't know if anyone watched it, but that was a hell of a game. Screw Tebow, Matt Szczur is a one man wrecking crew. Easily the best player Nova has had since Westbrook.

    Interestingly enough, I was just reading an article about a possible expansion into the Big East. I know it would take a lot of monetary commitment from Villanova's end, but you can't argue they have a solid team. Jeff Sagarin ranks them at #35 in the country overall... that's higher than teams like Wisconsin, BC, Connecticut, Rutgers, and Notre Dame.


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