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    Ok, we get it. Eric Decker's a beast. McCluster is amazing. Brandon Graham might be the son of god.

    But here are a handful of underrated players, IMO, that people should get to know a little bit better.

    [B]DT D'Anthony Smith Louisiana Tech[/B]
    -Dominates almost every week but no one notices because of the the school he goes to.

    [B]DT Malcolm Sheppard Arkansas[/B]
    -Everyone has hopped on the Dan Williams bandwagon but no one mentions Shep. One-gap teams should jump on him in the middle rounds.

    [B]RB Anthony Dixon Mississippi State[/B]
    -Everyone's gotten on Ben Tate's bandwagon, but Dixon is big, bruising, do-it-all back who people don't talk about that much do to his lack of exposure at Miss State. Honorable mention to Montario Hardesty, what he did this year behind a crap

    [B]OLB Ryan Stamper Florida[/B]
    Spikes might be the heart and soul of Florida's defense, but Stamper's the brains. Won't test well, but his intangibles are through the roof. And I hyped him before CBtNY

    [B]MLB Darryl Sharpton Miami[/B]
    Won Miami's Defensive MVP award. Production came around to match his athleticism this year and was in the middle of a very good defense.

    [B]CB Rafael Priest TCU[/B]
    Sure he's undersized, but he's super fast and is a big time playmaker.

    [B]S Kendrick Lewis Ole Miss[/B]
    Experienced, hard-hitting safety with the athleticism to match.

    [B]DE Antonio Coleman Auburn[/B]
    Was better than Quintin Groves last year; led the SEC in sacks this year despite playing through much of the season with a broken hand. Jermaine Cunningham out of Florida is another underrated safety.

    [B]OT Selvish Capers West Virginia[/B]
    Reminds me a lot of William Beatty out of UCONN last year. I think he could have a shot at the 1st round considering his athleticism...

    [B]WR Antonio Brown Central Michigan[/B]
    Will be a serious playmaker out of the slot and on special teams at the next level. His partner in crime Bryan Anderson is very good too

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    I cant really comment on the players you have mentioned yet since I have not watched much college ball this thanks for giving me some players to look into

    With that said, you state Stamper as the brains of Florida's D than you say he wont test well...oxymoron?

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    He won't test well physically. He could run in the 4.8's.

    I wouldn't know this if players and coaches didn't crack on Stamper's lack of speed because he anticipates so well and is always in the right position.

    Despite everyone at UF making fun of Stamper's lack of speed, the coaches don't trust a player on defense than Stamper. He's making all the checks and is always getting guys in the right position.

    He'll start off making a roster because he'll be a special teams wiz. But he'll pick up the defense and coaches will love him. He could be a starter down the line.

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    I really like Kendrick Lewis. He's another big safety that can cover.

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    really like Anthony Dixon and really wish ED wouldnt of got hurt, guy was gonna put up monster numbers...

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    Kam Chancellor - Like Antonio Coleman and Vince Oghobaase, got their hype before their mediocre senior seasons.

    AJ Edds - Nice size LB for any scheme. Comes from a good school.

    Kyle Calloway - Best RT prospect in the draft off the top of my head right now.

    Anthony McCoy - Imo the best TE in the class.

    Donovan Warren - Would be the 2nd best CB in the class imo.

    Keiland Williams - Better pro than college player.

    Jacoby Ford - ^^

    Chris Marinelli

    Dexter Davis, Willie Young, Hall Davis and CJ Wilson (beef up and put up at DE), George Johnson, Jeffery Fitzgerald, Cam Thomas, Brandon Deaderick

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    I'm torn on Antonio Coleman. Very good player but I don't know if he is a 3-4 outside LB. He seems to me a bit big and more of a 4-3 DE even though coaches at Auburn say he is more equipped to play standing up than Groves ever was. Might be funny if he lands with a 3-4 team even though both players might be better in the other system...

    I think some of the short pass rushers are severely underrated, especially Brandon Graham and Eric Norwood. All they did was produce, produce and produce in big time conferences against big time competition. Now both of them are projected in the first in some mocks but then you see them falling way down. Graham is a monster, plain and simple, a football player through and through. People always get caught up so much in size and measurables when in the end the production on the field counts. Graham isn't 5-11 or something. He will make every team that takes him very very happy.

    Good calls on Monterio Hardesty and Antonio Dixon. Big, physical SEC backs who should do very well on the next level. I would love to see the Jets give Hardesty a look, great one cut runner similar to Jones and he doesn't have a lot of tear on his wheels, something you always keep an eye on...

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    Von Miller, a Texas A&M junior LB, is underrated. The guy is an animal pass rusher, and A&M plays a 3-4.

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    [QUOTE=SenorGato;3415830]Von Miller, a Texas A&M junior LB, is underrated. The guy is an animal pass rusher, and A&M plays a 3-4.[/QUOTE]

    True. I only did JR's.

    IDK about Williams. He's always been talented but never got significant time at LSU for one reason or another.

    I don't like his running style- runs a little high and likes to run sideways sometimes.

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    My All-Underrated Team

    QB- Since Sean Canfield is popping up everywhere now -- Dan LeFevour Central Michigan
    RB- Stafon Johnson USC
    WR- Jacoby Ford Clemson -- this year's Mike Wallace. I also like Emmanuel Sanders from SMU (278rec for 3,667 33TDs career) as a late round flier.
    TE- Dedrick Epps Miami -- a perfect fit as a #2 TE here.
    OL- Adam Ulatoski Texas

    DE- Brandon Deaderick Bama
    OLB- Jermaine Cunningham Florida, George Selvie USF
    ILB- Micah Johnson Kentucky
    CB- Syd'Quan Thompson Cal
    S- Myron Lewis Vandy

    Love Von Miller if he comes out. He's my favorite right now for that 2nd round pick.

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    Perish Cox could be a steal in the later rounds...ala Jacob Lacey

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    DE/OLB O'Brien Schofield- Accomplished edge rusher who can play in space
    DE/DT Doug Worthington- Unsung hero along Ohio State's DL
    DE/DT Tyson Alualu- Strong at the point and versatile
    OLB Dekoda Watson- Could really thrive in an attacking 4-3 scheme(Eagles)
    OLB Jamar Chaney- Would get more love if he wasn't inured so often.
    WR Jacoby Ford- Playmaker out of the slot


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