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Thread: Breaking News! 2009 Jets Team...

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    Breaking News! 2009 Jets Team...

    Moved to: The JI Garbage Dump- A cesspool of silly or ridiculous teams started by overzealous owners who have not done their homework or are simply trying to flame.

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    Upset because you're thread got moved to the dump and people actually want to watch the games?

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    Is the juxtaposition bothering you?

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    I think I'd rather watch the games and figure out scenarios to keep the last two weeks interesting for now. If you don't want to, that's your prerogative but nobody died and made you king of the Jet fans, so you telling people to stop making playoff scenario threads should be ignored.

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    2 for 2 in the dump.

    Enjoy your day off and think about not spamming the board please.


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