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Thread: Rookie QB, rookie coach........

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    [QUOTE=PatriotReign;3417231]Point taken but BB didn't want to be the understudy puppet of the Tuna. If it weren't for Tuna the Pats fans would be posting asterisks and mocking the Jets 3 Lombardis.:eek:[/QUOTE]

    so the jets gave the patriots bellichick and brady...shocking:steamin:

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    [QUOTE=greenwichjetfan;3417247]1) [B]Congrats on the retirement (don't know how late I am, but still...)[/B]2) I actually think the team underachieved. I believe I posted here that I thought they'd go 10-6 before the season started, and once we went 3-1, I thought we'd go 11-5.
    3) Regardless, I think we're all set for some great things in the future. I agree with your post.[/QUOTE]

    Hey thanks I retired in June...USCG..I also thought this team was a 10 or 11 win team when the season started but you have to believe the loss of Jenkins and Leon changed the whole out look.


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