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Thread: who do i start?

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    who do i start?

    First off, Merry Christmas everyone.

    Alright so here is my problem. I am in the championship and I have Peyton Manning as my I start him this week? Im thinking he might be pulled and the Jets D has been very good as you all know. My backups are Hasslebeck and Jason Campbell...two horrible choices, lol.

    Also, do I start the Minnesota D against the Bears or the Arizona D against the Rams?

    Thanks for the advice!

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    I'd have a tough time sitting Manning. Hopefully the game stays competitive and therefore he will stay in. The Colts might release more info on gameday too. I'd think about starting Minn defense too hoping Cutler throws 5 INTS.

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    in case anyone is wondering, although im sure no one is... i ended up starting manning, and won anyway. lol.

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    Damn, my brother had the same exact situation, and I mean same down to the same backups.

    He wasn't as fortunate... unfortunately.


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