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Thread: So Tebow Is Going To Jacksonville...

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    So Tebow Is Going To Jacksonville...

    I few months back I started a thread where a good friend of mine who knows Tebow and his people told me about this story. Some called BS. Well here's some proof

    [QUOTE]We've been critical of the Jaguars for letting the rain forest cat out of the bag regarding their desire to salvage a financially shipwrecked franchise by landing Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

    By making their interest in Tebow obvious, the Jags are risking that someone will trade up to one spot in front of Jacksonville in order to secure his rights.

    As it turns out, it's possible that the Jags don't have to worry about another team cutting line.

    There's a rumor making the rounds that a wink-nod-sneeze-fart arrangement has been made to ensure that Tebow will be on the board when the Jags pick in round one -- and that no one will trade up to get in position to draft him.

    The goal would be to help the Jaguars regain financial viability in Jacksonville via a run on the box office following Tebow's arrival. And that would go a long way toward killing the concept of the Jags becoming the L.A. Leopards or the London Shaguars.

    Any such agreement, of course, would constitute collusion, a blatant violation of the labor deal between the NFL and the union. And it likely would be impossible to prove the existence of a "Magic Johnson in the '92 All-Star Game" understanding (yeah, I used to follow other sports) that the other 31 teams will step aside and give the Jags a free run at Tebow.


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    Wow a franchise drafting a QB to sell tickets(psl), never would of thought that would happen..

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    Tebow to Jacksonville is the worst kept secret in football. But this arrangement is highly unlikely.

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    Lets draft Tebow then trade him to Jax for all they've got!! Which probably isn't much.

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    Is he even going to be a good pro?

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    [QUOTE=hendu24;3417999]Wow a franchise drafting a QB to sell tickets(psl), never would of thought that would happen..[/QUOTE]

    LOL....yeah, no kidding!





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    Tebow will be a Jag.....because no one else rates him as an NFL #1.

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    [QUOTE=Crease29;3418015]Is he even going to be a good pro?[/QUOTE]

    Yes, but it's going to take awhile.

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    [QUOTE=Crease29;3418015]Is he even going to be a good pro?[/QUOTE]

    I donít think as a Pro style QB. I do think he will be around the league for quite some time as a Jack of all trade offense weapon.


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