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Thread: New Story: Previewing Jets-Colts with some Holiday Cheer

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    New Story: Previewing Jets-Colts with some Holiday Cheer

    Ho. Ho. Ho. I'd like to wish a merry Christmas to everyone reading Jets Insider! And if the reverie of this day doesn't quite apply to your beliefs, hey man, that's cool too. Hope you had a superb December 25th regardless.

    Now, I'm borderline surprised to have written such a trite, stereotypical opening to a column being crafted on this unique night.

    But then again, perhaps it was my subconscious channeling some common sense. After all, if an individual were logging onto this site in a festive mood, only to come upon a dry, clinical analysis of why the Jets...


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    the Titans are getting slaughtered by the Chargers which, I think, helps our impossible playoff hopes. Off to Indy tomorrow on the Road Trip to the game on Sunday


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