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Thread: Anyone remember this Jets TV promo from around 2001 or 2002?

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    Anyone remember this Jets TV promo from around 2001 or 2002?

    Hi all..haven't posted in ages but was home for Christmas and of course we all got to talking Football and of course the Jets. I was wondering if anyone remembers a Jet promo spot that ran on TV or somewhere online around 2000 or 2002. I remember it being a "thank you video" and I think the song might have had "thank you "in the lyrics or title. The video featured Vinny Testeverde and Wayne Chrebet and other Jets from that era in various places in NYC "thanking fans" and even greeting fans on a Long island Rail Road platform. My brother and I scoured google but came up with nothing but I know I saw this video and was wondering if anyone else remembers it and what song it might have been and if this video exists anywhere online???

    Thank you if you can be of's driving me crazy not being able to find any reference to this!

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    I think I remember that, Laura. But its been a long time. In any case, the Jets should be running around doing the same thing now, thanking their fans for sticking with them through this torturous season! :D


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