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Thread: PREDICT the SCORE: Jets vs ben-gals

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    Jets 16 - 10 Bengals

    9-7 at half time, (3 FG's by Feely) with the Jets running the ball OK, but not making the big plays to turn possession into points, in part due to the weather and keeping Sanchez safe and not risking it against the Cincy secondary. D does enough to keep Bengals offense under wraps in the first half.

    1 TD for Jones in the fourth quarter seals the game, and D comes up big to hold the lead.

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    Jets 40
    Bengals 2

    The Defense is so pumped, Harris forces a fumble, picks it up, and runs the wrong way for a safety on the final play of the game.

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    [QUOTE=Flight_13;3426134]Jets 40
    Bengals 2

    The Defense is so pumped, Harris forces a fumble, picks it up, and runs the wrong way for a safety on the final play of the game.[/QUOTE]

    Now thats my kind of game!

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    Bagels 20
    Jets 28

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    Jets 17
    Bengals 7

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    [QUOTE=Baddniss;3422006]Too exciting!~ We have been waiting for this. Back home this Sunday vs the Bengals. We control our own destiny vs a team that has clinched & will DEFINITELY rest their big guns.

    QB Carson Palmer?...No way. Get ready for JT O'Sullivan.
    WR Chad Ochocinco?...How about Jerome Simpson instead!
    RB Cedric Benson?...Try Bernard Scott.
    WR Lav Coles?...Let Andre Caldwell try to burn Revis.(Yeah, right).

    Vegas has the early line on this game at Jets minus 8 points, but I dont see this being that close. Now that Schotty has Sanchez on a tight leash, this should be a blow-out.

    Remember that the game has been switched to Sun nite at 8pm for TV ratings.
    Can our first team handle the Bengals second team? No problem.

    Here's the wild thing, If we beat the Bengals on Sunday, I think we play THEM again the following weekend in Cincy in the wild card game!

    Predict the final score and the stats for the impact players. Baddniss has 2 great seats for sale. PM me.

    Good luck to all.[/QUOTE]

    Jets 31

    Bagels 20

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    Jets by two touchdowns or more

    but I will gladly take


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    JETS 23
    ben-GALS 13

    T.Jones & S.Greene combine for 199 yds rushing
    Sanchez throws for 145 yds and a TD to Keller

    Harris has 15 tackles and an int.

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    Jets 20
    Bengals 13

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    Jets 24
    Bengals 23

    Sanchez injured in 3rd quarter. Clemens leads Jets to comeback win.

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    jets 17 bungles 10

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    Jets - 38
    Bengals - 0

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    No one here understands Karma or Reverse Psychology.

    No one.

    It exists for you to use!

    Jets: 24

    Bengals: 38

    Sanchez: 2 INTs, 1 Fumble, 1 TD

    Jones: 1 Fumble, 70 yards, 1 TD

    Jets score 14 points in garbage time.

    Huge letdown. Huge.

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    [QUOTE=GreenJoe;3428642]No one here understands Karma or Reverse Psychology.

    No one.


    I see....we're playing the Bengals so we should do as the Bengalis do...
    I'll be the bald guy in the loincloth and specs watching Sunday Ticket in HD crosslegged on a straw mat in the lot with a Kaylani in my left hand whipping up a mean mung dal stir fry with my right.

    Jets 23
    Bengals 6

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    if their starters play the whole game
    bengals- 17

    if they pull their starters
    jets- 34
    bengals 10

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    The ultimate letdown for Jet fans. This game is no given. I really have a bad feeling about htis game.

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    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Green"]JETS 17[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    bengals 13

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    [SIZE="6"][COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]Bengals [/B][B]24[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [COLOR="DarkGreen"][B][SIZE="6"]Jets 20[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]

    Jets come in thinking they just have to show up and victory is theirs. Wrong!!!


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