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Thread: WAC vs MAC

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    WAC vs MAC

    Idaho vs Bowling Green. Im hearing WR Freddie Barnes is the guy to watch in this game. 6'0 206 lbs. and he is a Senior..
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    Best player in this game is Idaho OG Mike Iupati. Most likely will be first guard selected in draft.

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    [QUOTE=Woody56;3427046]Best player in this game is Idaho OG Mike Iupati. Most likely will be first guard selected in draft.[/QUOTE]

    definitely the 1st OG taken in the late 1st....

    if he gets to play OT at the Senior Bowl he'll fly up boards (mid-first)...he's got the size, ht and feet to play the position...

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    also a big iupati fan

    he's a beast

    but that turf hurts my eyes

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    [QUOTE=bitonti;3427064]also a big iupati fan

    he's a beast

    [B]but that turf hurts my eyes[/B][/QUOTE]

    Glad I'm not the only one. I wish my TV had a black/white option. This is almost unwatchable. It's a shame that there's nothing else on.

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    What a performance by Freddy Barnes. Player of the game!
    [B]17 rec. - 219 yds 3 Td's :eek: [/B]

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    How did Idaho just tie this thing?

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    [QUOTE=NYJCAP2;3427281]How did Idaho just tie this thing?[/QUOTE]

    lucky hail mary got Idaho all the way down to the 10 yd line of BG. Quick slant in the endzone tied the game and 2 point conversion won it. Crazy game!!!:eek:

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    first time i got too see iupati concentrated on him the whole time.

    he's a beast when run blocking just blowin up guys on the line of scrimmage.

    seems like a average pass blocker.

    when he was left uncovered and went to the second level . he whiffed alot on

    linebackers so not that great in the second level.

    read he's in idaho because of learning difficulties early on because of not knowing the english language very well.. so any coaching staff would have to work with him extensively to learn the playbook.

    carries his weight very well and can maybe put on 10- 15 more pounds easy.:eek:

    has tree trunks for calfs.

    Reminds me of chris naeole a very solid nasty guard that can root out big tackles out of the way.

    oh yeah bit they should ban that freakin blue turf . playin on that crap is sacreligious. i wouldnt let my son's pee wee team play on that.

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    Great game. Finally a team that knows you have to get a big play right away to have any chance to score late. The set up big pass wasn't really a hail mary by definition but so many teams college and pro idiotically still throw a 10 yard pass when you need 30 or 40 on the 1st play. Very fun game to watch.


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