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Thread: Need 2 parking passes

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    Need 2 parking passes

    Need 2 parking passes for this Sunday nights game. If anyone from the Jets community can assist, itd be greatly appreciated.

    Please email [email][/email] with info.

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    go to ticket exchange at ticketmaster. You can buy as many as you need for roughly 20bucks plus handling fees

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    Holy F, does anybody read threads here anymore before making new ones?

    Sorry bro, all parking passes are sold out, dont look at the other threads, there's nothing informative about those....

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    Sorry LI dead head for offending you with my post.

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    No need to shed your e-depression through the world wide web.

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    I got mine earlier through ticketexchange. really simple, you just buy it and print it out, like $25 alltogether


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