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Thread: Revis vs. Ochocinco Sportsnation Poll on ESPN Home Page

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    Revis vs. Ochocinco Sportsnation Poll on ESPN Home Page

    Ocho with 54% of the vote in terms of who would get the better of the other in a matchup...

    These ESPN sportsnation polls are always so regionally biased...the only states going for Revis are in the Northeast and surprisingly some knowledgable football fans in Montana and North Dakota ;)

    New Mexico are you serious with 75% Ocho? I'm guessing not a lot of actual NFL watching in that neck of the woods...
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    That's because Revis is not a household name. If it were OchoCinco vs Ed Reed (regardless that he's not a corner), it would be more in favor of the defender, just from people recognizing Reed as a household NFL name.

    OchoCinco is not what he used to be. Revis is what everything thinks he is. Probably better than that.

    Good luck

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    if they showed those voters the stats that Chad Johnson put up this season and then showed Revis' matchups and the results this year, the casual know-nothing fan that votes in those polls might think twice about their vote.

    that poll shows proof of nothing but ignorance. Revis is going to eat Ocho's lunch... in the playoffs.


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