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Thread: I think Pennington will be back in a NYJ uniform in 2010...

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    [QUOTE=LETSGOJETS;3429988]Decent? throwing for 100 yds and completing 12 passes is decent?


    Maybe they more meant the 12 for 19, 63.2%, "managed the game" part? :P

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    [QUOTE=RageATL;3429990]Maybe they more meant the 12 for 19, 63.2%, "managed the game" part? :P[/QUOTE]

    he managed the game well. Thank God for that.

    but he did not have a decent game by any means

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    [QUOTE=johnnysd;3429730]God, let's hope not. I never want that POS near this team again in any capacity. He SUCKS. Why cant some people see that.[/QUOTE]
    :P !!!


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    [QUOTE=copernicus;3429507]With the way the JETS treated him by trading for Favre I'd be surprised if he ever would even consider it............[/QUOTE]

    +1 Chad will come back to play next year for sure..There might be teams willing to give him another shot as a starter including Miami..Even if he knows his only job can be as a backup no way will he ever come back to the Jets after what was done to him here..I agree with cop, no way he would ever consider it..His home is in South Florida anyway..Thats where he'll be as a backup/ coach to help Henne, if he gets no shot at becoming a starter with another team.

    I wouldn't want noodle back here anyway..He went to play for Miami, screw him and his weak arm.
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