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Thread: Jets on CNN front page about Sunday booze ban (merged)

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    It's still a bunch of nonsense.

    Here's an idea...don't sell to hammered people inside. Put security at the beer stands.

    Now tools with a buzz will pound that extra shot or beer anyway before they go in.

    Treat fans like adults...treat adults who act like kids. It's going to be cold. I see no reason why fans who decide to take a train and not tailgate can't get a drink inside.

    The Jets treat their fans like crap.

    What's next a PAL? A Personal Alcohol I can have the right to purchase a beer?

    Screw you Woody!

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    Congratulations Woody Johnson, Executive Director of the NJSEA on your appointment

    The weather is going to be cold.... why an 8 PM game??

    Screw you Woody!

    It's going to be dark too... Screw you Woody!

    worst fans in all of football


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