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Thread: Selling a pair & parking for tomorrow -- below face

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    Selling a pair & parking for tomorrow -- below face

    Pair available in section 326 and parking. Was looking for $150 for all, but will take offers from JI folk. Payment by paypal and tickets/pass will be emailed from my Jets season account. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks.

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    ill give you $100 would you be emailing them?

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    Yes.. would email. Would do 2 tickets for $100... but need a little more to include the pass.
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    I could use th parking pass. Email me at


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    [QUOTE=jobofly;3430251]125 for all?[/QUOTE]

    Sent you a PM. Thanks.

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    [QUOTE=jobofly;3430251]125 for all?[/QUOTE]

    Do you still want? Must sell tonight and going to move on to the next offer...

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    Tickets sold.

    These have been sold... not sure how to lock/delete the thread. Thanks.


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