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Thread: 1st Half Stats

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    1st Half Stats

    Jets: 16 First Downs
    Bengals: 1 First Down (Illegal Contact Penalty)

    Jets: 250 Total Yards
    Bengals: 7 Total Yards

    Jets: 60 Passing Yards
    Bengals: 0 Passing Yards

    Jets: 190 Rushing Yards (Wow)
    Bengals: 7 Rushing Yards

    Jets: 0 Turnovers
    Bengals: 1 Turnovers (INT)

    Jets: 24:50 TOP
    Bengals: 5:10 TOP

    One of the more dominating Jets' performances I have ever seen in a single half.

    Are the Bengals even trying?

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    They are trying or they would be sitting their starters. You don't put them out there with a half assed effort, that would cause injuries.

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    I think they started out trying.

    I doubt if they play their starters the 2nd half


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