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Thread: Is it the fact that

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    Is it the fact that

    Cin did not play its starters? or Cin did not play to win this game? or OchoSucko got hurt so Revis won this battle, but only because of injury? Jets backed into the playoffs because Cin did not play to win and rested their players? Jets won because of weather and Cin did not need the game, blah blah blah

    [SIZE="7"]Bull S**T[/SIZE]

    This was is an a$$whooping of the first magnitude.

    Memo to Fatsessa to give credit where it is due. Collinsworth certainly has. Michaels too, givin us all kinds of love I don't want to hear that fat slab of blubber diminish this victory in any way. don't go out on the air tonight and tomorrow saying we backed in. It just aint true.

    Proud to be a Jets fan tonight, they played great! Do not take this team lightly next week, there is a lot of talent over there, and in their building...Will be a tough game.

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    LOL! A win is a win and everything else that is said is just excuses. I'll take them anyway we can get them :)


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