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Thread: Woody's gonna get trashed over the death of his daughter...

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    [QUOTE=32green;3438258]The vile gutter-slut referred to Casy as "My wife" in her first twitter after the death....they were not married, so you can see where this is going.

    I think Casey was "cut-off" anyhoo....either way, we will be subjected to months of this..... malignancy.... getting her air time...[/QUOTE]

    All it takes is one bullet 32, just one!!!!

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    Is next year an uncapped year for Mods? :huh:

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    I don't know, 30 is still fairly young to correct problems. I don't know what he did for her, but a man with his power could have gotten her committed. His brother took an overdose in 1975, hope she didn't do the same.

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    [QUOTE=FF2;3438562]Is next year an uncapped year for Mods? :huh:[/QUOTE]

    No and it doesn't matter because they haven't been able to collectively bargain for anything in almost a decade!


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