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Thread: Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Pats-Ravens Playoff Preview

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    just more evidence we need to secure the Canadian border and stop frozen brained canucks like FUDGPAC, er MACPAC, from entering the country....:yes:
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    Not one of his finest pieces of work.

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    That'll be even funnier when the Ravens win...

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    [QUOTE=quantum;3439038]That'll be even funnier when the Ravens win...[/QUOTE]

    correction, the only funny videos he makes are after horrible Patriot losses.

    For example, look up the superbowl video and the one he made after the Jets beat them this year. Both hilarious. :yes:
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    Speaking of Jewish Sports heroes, last year the Florida Marlins were having one of their "Fill in random ethnic Minority: _______________Day" at the ballpark and they wanted to honor a Jewish ballplayer so they picked some guy with a Jewish sounding name, Mike Jacobs. His reaction was great, he was basically like, "Gee thanks, thats really nice and all, but, uh, I'm not Jewish".

    Great research done by the PR dedt.
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