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Thread: Is Alabama's championship as valid as Jets making playoffs? Or, did both "back in"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglenj View Post
    Im surprised this arguement wasnt brought up more....yea the jets blew some games early/mid year and vs atl, but still look at some of their victories.

    Houston on road, rookie 1st start
    Pats, minus welker, but still a tough game
    Tennessee, look how they finished, still a quality win

    And most importantly carolina. People considered them a bad team when we beat them, but after that game, they pounded francessas giants, and beat minnesota AND new orleans.

    Plus while we did lose the games, all of our losses were close. Im not saying peyton coming out didnt help, but we kept it close enough when he was in, to take advantage when painter came in.
    Who hasn't witnessed Manning putting up 21 points in the first half before, on any given Sunday. Their plan backfired. ..and failed. They lost.

    Beside the second Pats game, the Jets were in every game

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakin318 View Post
    After watching the game I have no doubt that Texas would have won by at least a couple of touchdowns if McCoy played the whole game.
    yeah too bad Alabama knocked the snot out of him in the first quarter.

    it's not really a lucky break when they are the ones that hurt Colt. It's not like Colt fell down in the locker room and hurt himself before the game.

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    I also think the '85 Bears are tainted. Hell, half of their wins were just because they crippled the other team's Quarterbacks and they couldn't finish.

    Look, if the Jets get to Palmer tomorrow, and knock his arse out, and crush the Bengals, I won't call it tainted. And no, I am not wishing an injury on the guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TexJet View Post
    Mack Brown would not let him return to play, period!

    On another topic related to the game. If the Jets want a kick-ass slot receiver - look no further than Jordan Shipley. Good size, speed, and great hands. 2nd or, more likely, 3rd rounder in next years draft.
    We don't have a 3rd rd pick in the next draft..Or a 5th And there is still the Lito deal to resolve..

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYJ37/12 View Post
    I was thinking the same watching the game last night. I wonder what fatboy would say about this. Does it "count".

    By the way, how soft is Colt McCoy? Not wanting back in the game for fear he could hurt his NFL career. Bad.
    What the hell are you talking about? Do you just think JI is ignorant enough to believe what you make up and lazy enough not to look it up in case of doubt??

    Watching Mccoy after the game was one of the most depressing moments in sports for me. I genuinly felt like this kid's entire life's dream was shattered and he was just sitting there helpless. I'm not his biggest supporter by any stretch, but don't go badmouthing him and his name like that...


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