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Thread: Chargers Fans Very Confident

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Vick View Post
    Bite be 465.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Vick View Post
    From your city's arrogance.

    From a football perspective, San Diego sucks.

    And if you've lived out there for 26 years, you have been stained with the same football incompetence that encompasses that town.

    You're not a Jets fan. You're a Charger fan.

    And you're going to get taught a lesson this weekend.
    Wow....I'm not a Jets Fan!?! OK Dr. Phil glad you straightened me out. Guess I will come out of the closet and throw away all my Jets Jersey and all my collectables, especially that signed Joe Namath card. It will be great to get rid of all the clutter in my house.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RiversMVP View Post
    Let's see, we've won 11 straight games and knocked off a lot of hot teams and teams that needed to win for playoff contention along the way.

    Also our team didn't need to rely on better teams shutting it down after they've clinched everything to sneak into the playoffs.

    Yep we are confident and our team is going to be even more confident. Sorry Jets fans but you are walking into a minefield this weekend.

    Congrats for the good season but it ends on Sunday and likely in blowout fashion if Rivers and the rest of the offense is firing on all cylinders early.
    Good defense beats good offense in football the same way good pitching shuts down good hitting in baseball. The Jets have the best defense in the league. Is it possible that the Chargers offense comes out "firing on all cylinders" as you say? Sure it is possible but it would mean the Jets defense has laid really down for the first time all year.

    The only game I remember the Jets D as being truly overmatched was the first game against Miami where we could not stop the run all night long. We shut down Brees and lost the game on some Sanchez mistakes. Manning was moving the ball OK against us but really, 15-10 in the third quarter against that offense is hardly getting crushed.

    Now on the other side of the ball the story is pretty straight forward. We are going to line up and run the ball down your team's throat all day long. Put eight or nine in the box to stop the run as most teams have tried lately and watch us smash you in the mouth anyway. This is against GOOD rush defenses. The Chargers run defense is not a good rush defense, they are indifferent at best. Who is the best rushing team you have faced?

    Now the added ingredient from last week is that the Jets coaching staff seem to have added some plays for Sanchez on a limited basis. Hey, it worked and he threw well against the Bengals.

    If the Chargers get up by a couple of scores early then the game could get ugly. The Jets are not built to come from behind. If we string together two or three first downs early in the game then watch out because you no idea how good this offensive line and running game can be if they get into a rhythm.

    P.S. Our "other" Rookie Shonn Greene really really likes to lay the wood and hit defenders. He goes out of his way to finish the play. Win lose or draw your guys will be going home battered and bruised.

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    How's that confidence thing workin' for ya?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SyracuseJet View Post

    Most of them predicting a blowout. Some are referring to last year's game, show's how much their fans know about football.

    Almost every score has the Chargers in the 30's in points and winning by at least 2 TDs.
    Their tears nourish me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiversMVP View Post
    Trust me I will be here all week to drill it into your heads that your team simply isn't that good.

    And after the inevitable raping on Sunday I'll be here @ 4:30 Pacific time, or perhaps in garbage time in the 2nd half to simply say I TOLD YOU SO.
    So how do you like your crow cooked?!?!?!


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