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Thread: Snooki from Jersey Shore Gets $7500 as Appearance Fees

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    It's becoming clear that these people aren't going to disappear anytime soon. F@#k.

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    [QUOTE=Come Back to NY;3452720]never watch the show...but I did google some pictures just now!! who's the chick in the blue??? any nude pictures of her hanging around the world wide web???


    Watch the show for 10 minutes, and you'll change your tune on her. She's a dog.

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    I detest that POS Snooki and the rest of those illiterate swine. Why do tv stations have to glorify these mediocre peasants?

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    there were rumors that Snookers was at the Cheerleading Nationals in Orlando this past weekend, didn't see her...good for me!

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    Would you turn down the money?

    I love you Snooki. Call me.


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