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    Hi! My name is Rob. I am a Native New Yorker. But I am a Bengals fan. I come in peace.

    I'm visiting over from the board.
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    Welcome to the board and thanks again for your congrats in the other thread regarding the Jets win over the Chargers.

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    Hi, I've been lurking on this board for years. This is my first post, though I really should have started ages ago.

    This fansite always picks me up, when I'm feeling down at work etc and when I want I want to hear how my fave team is doing.

    Absolutely love the Jets and digging the playoff win over the Chargers.

    GO JETS!!

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    Hi! My name is timothy. I am a Native of USA But I am a Bengals fan. I come in peace.
    Limo Hire

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    ... welcome gang!!! ... please take a moment to peruse GJ&H's "ground and pound" thread on the main board ... because that is exactly what we're going to do on Sunday as we kick peyton manning in the b*lls, punch him in the throat, and make caldwell rue the day he gave this dog a 2nd life ...

    ... ... ... ... ... ...


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    Hi! My name is Newman I am a Native of USA But I am a Oriya's fan. I come in peace.
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