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Thread: Rex Ryan is the Man...

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    [QUOTE=bleedgreen03;3463543]THE REX EXPRESS IS THE SH! time the rest of the league decides to take him serious we will be holding the lombardi trophy baby!!!![/QUOTE]

    yess :yes: :yes:

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    What he has done is amazing. That "Play like a Jet" stuff is fantastic - he's changing the whole mentality of the organization.

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    Rex is the man. Among all the other things I like about him one of the most important to me is that he gave the team and the franchise AN IDENTITY! We finally define ourselves as a tough, defensive, physical, ground and pound north weather football team, something we should have done years earlier.

    Another thing is that Rex is sincere, cares about his players and the organization and he brings a fresh wind to the overall phony business of press conferences etc...


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