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Thread: I must admit when Mark Sanchez threw that pick I thought we was done

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    I must admit when Mark Sanchez threw that pick I thought we was done

    I was hoping to at least hold them to a field goal so we can stay in it but with such a short field I was nervous. Then Revis makes that pick and it completely changed the entire game on our side. Jets move it a bit, punt it to their 3, then we get another pick and scored a TD. That was a ridiculous momentum shift. Our defense continues to step up week in and week out.

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    I must admit, I did not.

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    niether did i.... and that surprised me, and mad me extremely happy all at once.

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    I didn't think the game was over, but I thought it was going to make even more difficult to win the game. That was Sanchez's really only bad decision of the game, fortunately we got it back with no harm done.

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    I have to admit that when he threw it, I didn't lose it like i usually did with Sanchez. SOJ really is dead!

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    We're really resilient, aren't we.

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    [QUOTE=Roger Vick;3463653]I must admit, I did not.[/QUOTE]

    Me too :yes:

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    Nah, I figured they might have gotten 3 but I really didn't expect them to score a TD. After we ditched the zone coverage and went man the Chargers offense looked a lot less scary. If they did score 7 we might have been screwed. But even with 3 we would have been able to continue playing our type of game.

    Thankfully, the real DPOY put an end to any threat. :yes:

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    revis play was miraculous in many ways - the timing of it couldnt be better, the chargers were never up by more than 1 score.


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