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Thread: SNY Jets Coverage This Week

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    SNY Jets Coverage This Week

    Would be nice if someone at SNY can get DirecTV to update their programming schedule guide accordingly.

    Otherwise thousands of potential SNY viewers are never going to know about / see these shows - listings will show "Rutger's This Week" or something. Thatís lost viewers = lost money for SNY.


    PSA: SNY Jets Programming This Week
    Posted on January 18th, 2010 by Bassett

    Just a quick reminder that if you are looking for programming this week on the Jets, tune into SNY, which will have coverage all week long, most notably with the following programs.

    Jets Open Mic
    Monday & Wednesday 6:30PM

    Jets Extra Point
    Tuesday 6:30PM

    Jets Game Plan
    Thursday 6:30PM

    Jets Post Game Live
    Immediately After the Game

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    The relative lack of SNY Jets coverage in this scintillating playoff run is embarrassing-it's easier to find boxing, a Mets "classic" or a Brooklyn Dodger homage than a Jets-centric show on that channel.

    I don't like CV's meddling hands in anything-if Rod Gilbert handing a jersey to Jason Bay is a harbinger of things to come I am expecting SNY to be folded into the Dolan syndicate and the Jets to be further marginalized.


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