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Thread: WW Mock Draft

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    WW Mock Draft

    Hopefully we'll be picking at 32.

    1) Eric Norwood OLB South Carolina. He does everything well and has played a lot of OLB in college so it wouldn't be a long transition. Would be a really nice pick here IMO.

    2) Mardy Gilyard WR Cincinnati. We really need a slot receiver for Sanchez. Adding Gilyard would give him another nice weapon to work with.

    5) Brandon Deaderick DE Alabama. Nice depth on our DL.

    6) BPA OL

    7) BPA FB


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    Not a big fan of selecting Deadrick as DL depth. Now he is a solid player and all but I think what we need is a physically and athletically more dominating force. A guy with a little more upside. I would like Vince Oghobaase or Mike Neal from Purdue. Deadrick in college is big for a 3-4DE but in the NFL, I don't really see him as physically imposing.

    I like the Norwood pick a ton, think he is a very good player. He wouldn't be my first choice as an OLB but this guy is tough, a team leader and just a football player. You can never go wrong with these guys.

    Gilyard... I don't know, don't see him as anything special in the NFL, even though he's a great return man...

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    Norwood is the kind of player Rex is always looking for..

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    Scouts Inc. currently ranks Norwood as 55th overall pick in their draft rankings, so I am thinking he may go mid-second round. (Value chart says very late 1st rounder is equal to a mid 2nd and a mid 3rd). Their grades for Norwood are bolded below and are based on this scale:

    1 = Exceptional
    2 = Above average
    3 = Average
    4 = Below average
    5 = Marginal

    Overall Football Traits

    Production 2 2006: (13/0) 30 tackles, 9 TFL, 7 sacks, 1 PBU; First-team Freshman All-America honors 2007: (12/12) 69 tackles, 19.5 TFL, 6 sacks, 3 PBU, 3 FR; Second-team All-SEC 2008: (13/13) 75 tackles, 14.5 TFL, 9 sacks, 1 PBU, 2 FR, 1 FF; First-team All-SEC

    Height-Weight-Speed 2 Thick build, good frame and above-average top-end speed.

    Durability 1 Durability is not a concern.

    Intangibles 2 Entering his third season as a starter. 2008: Named the Harris Pastides Scholar Athlete Award winner for football at the spring game.

    Outside Linebacker specific Traits

    Instincts/Recognition 3 Has some gap discipline issues and could do a better job of executing assignment within the system. Gets caught out of position too much but still recognizes play action and can sniff out draws/screens.

    Strength/Toughness 3 Overall strength appears just adequate on film. Occasionally picks a side instead of stacking blockers up. However excellent balance and stays on feet. Uses hands to disengage.

    Range vs. Run 2 Pursuit angles are questionable and could lead to problems preventing NFL backs from turning the corner. However moves well laterally and can sift through traffic when in pursuit. Closing burst is above-average.

    Tackling 2 A reliable tackler that does a nice job of breaking down, latching on with strong hands and then wrapping up. However, doesn't show great explosiveness when meeting ball carriers head on. Needs to be the hammer instead of the nail.

    3rd Down Capabilities 2 Jack of all trades but doesn't appear to be a master of any of them. Shows good awareness in coverage and a sense for where underneath crossers are at all times. Fluidity is adequate and flashes the ability to stay with backs in man coverage. Times blitzes well and a relentless pass rusher. Has the versatility to line up at end on downs with pass heavy tendencies.
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    Don't really think Norwood is a first round talent. Plus, I'm starting to think we're not going 3-4 OLB in the first for a few years. This draft is deep enough where we can get someone like Witten, Alem, Davis, Cunningham in any random round after.

    The other picks are awesome.

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    No Seventh Round pick this year. We traded that to the Lions for O'Connell.


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