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Thread: The "I'm acting strange and people are concerned about me because of the Jets" Thread

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    [QUOTE=jets31;3470628]serenity now![/QUOTE]


    "Hey Peyton, the jerk store called and they're running out of you!"

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    [QUOTE=DevsJetsYanks88;3467939]Slightly off topic, but I had a little story from today that I thought was cool.

    Today was my first day of classes for the new semester. My first class was Statistics and the professor is about 70 years old. Seems like a pretty cool guy. Anyway, turns out that he's a life long Colts fan. Been a fan since the late 40's when they were the New York Yankees and has followed them from there, to Dallas, Baltimore, and now Indianapolis. Of course I was wearing my Jets winter coat and he noticed as soon as he walked into the room. He sparked up a conversation with me about the game and we end up talking for the first 20 minutes of class while the rest of the class just listened.

    After that class, I walked over to my Humanities class. I walk in the classroom about 20 minutes early, and I'm the first one there except for the professor. As soon as I walk in the door he says, "Hey, nice shirt. Glad you're not a fan of those ****ing ***** Giants." I knew I was going to like this guy. Sure enough, it was one of the most entertaining and interesting lectures I've ever had.

    Just thought that it was such a fitting way to start off the semester. :yes:[/QUOTE]

    Was "Statz" in your class?

    Count on a F and an A.

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    "Hey Peyton, the jerk store called and they're running out of you!"[/QUOTE]

    HA HA HA, nice!


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