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    Which one are you listening to during Championship Week? Let's show them who us true Jets fans listen to. I want everyone on this board to participate.

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    Show who?

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    where's the option for both? i switch back and forth depending on whos on at the moment, what they are talking about, or if there's a commercial on one and not the other.

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    Fatso and the Radio Executives at WFAN

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    sing along "Michael Kay's on the Radio Today"

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    [QUOTE=loluchka80;3468760]where's the option for both? i switch back and forth depending on whos on at the moment, what they are talking about, or if there's a commercial on one and not the other.[/QUOTE]

    Pick the station that you listen to most of the time..

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    In VA, so I don't get much of a choice. I listen to FAN in the evenings when I'm on night shift. Rarely if ever listen to fatty.

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    Was an avid FAN listener and sometimes caller for a LONG time. Just cannot stomach FatMan by himself! Instead of constantly complaining, I have just switched over to 1050. The weak signal can get annoying, and I am not a big Cowherd fan, but still better then FAN. I will sometimes switch over to listen to Joe B. and Evan, but more and more staying locked on 1050.

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    I normally don't listen to him but tuned in yesterday to see what all of the fuss is about. He was worse than I expected. In the first 2 minutes of the show he was openly mocking Jets fans. I turned to ESPN after the first break and won't listen to him again.

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    I listen to both via podcasts. That way I get to pick just the Jets stuff and ignore the rest of the nonsense. I like Boomer and Carton on the drive in and Beningo and Roberts are a hoot but I ignore Francessa like the plague.

    I like BT on ESPN as a fellow Jets fan and he seems like a cool dude but he butchers the English language. I can tolerate Michael Kay's schtick on some days.

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    Right now I just flip around based on guests. When Mike has the analysts on I listen to him. If 1050 has on the players Ill listen there. I just wish 1050 had a better host. Listening to their interview with Phil Simms and the Francesa interviews with Simms are like night and day. 1050 just has no idea how to conduct a decent interview.

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    1050 is awesome, they have had some great guests on during the playoff run. I don't know why Jets fans still tune into WFAN.

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    i only really listen to WFAN the few times while driving i get chances to. grew up with that station.

    never liked Francessa though.

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    [QUOTE=AL My Favorite Toon;3468761]Fatso and the Radio Executives at WFAN[/QUOTE]

    Sorry, no offense but a poll on JI isn't going to do a thing.

    Don't listen, don't call, don't buy products advertised on his show, write professional emails to WFAN execs, and sponsors of his show might have an affect.

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    I'll listen to WFAN until Mr. Fat-Peddling himself comes on.
    Then Ill switch to 1050 AM...although I hate Kay cause his voice reminds me of his gay gay calls when he does the Yankee games. His voice really churns my stomach. But i guess this week I rather listen to him than C.untsesca only talking about the reason why the teams the Jets face lose games, also his hyprocrisy and contradictions are only discrediting himself.

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    someone actually voted for the FAN??? WTF PEOPLE???

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    In Morris Co., N.J. at the right end of a Browning 12 gauge, with Nick to my left n Rex to my right.
    Neither, need all I need to know.....

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    [QUOTE=Boynton Beach Jets;3468762]sing along "Michael Kay's on the Radio Today"[/QUOTE]

    Worst theme song...EVER.

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    In the Hartford area, I listen to ESPN 1410. The only difference is that our drive time radio host is Jason Page of the Back Page. He's OK, but the show tends to focus on the sinking ship that is UConn Mens Basketball, so its a bit of a downer.

    I periodically check WFAN to see if I think they're fair in their assessment of the Jets. Usually they aren't, and they seem to pick the most idiotic Jet fan callers who probably didn't make it out of the 4th grade. So, I switch back to ESPN 1410.

    To tell you the truth, I like listening to Colin Cowherd and Scott Van Pelt. Its good to hear them finally give the Jets some credit, especially Colin who thought the Jets would be 4-12 to 6-10.


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