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Thread: Anyone listen to 1050 about an hour ago?

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    Anyone listen to 1050 about an hour ago?

    was driving in from the gym and heard wayne, ray mickens and key on the radio talking about 97/98 seasons.

    they basically in no uncertain terms said that Bill didn't like Foley when he first took the job, and that Foley became full of himself which is why Bill had no problem benching him for Testaverde who was much more of a Parcel's team guy. Key also said that the guy the coaches had targeted before they got Vinny was Rodney Pete... apparently Henning loved him.

    They talked some about the playoff games, and the loss to the Broncos...they said Broncos made great adjustments at halftime which stifled the Jets and won them the game (also mentioned the fumbles). Said in the second half the Broncos had 40mph wind in their face (which i don't remember) and still managed to put up 20 in the 3rd quarter.

    Going into the break Key said that every player out there Sunday should remember that they may never make it there again and that some players go their entire career never making it. Mickens said that he will be on the field with the Jets, and them winning will exercise some of his demons from that year.

    It was a cool listen, even if it made me feel old a little

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    Heard Curtis on Kay's show earlier and he was very excited about the game. Kay asked him if he would come out of retirement for the game and possibly the SB, he thought about then declined. Said he'll be on the field for the coin toss as an honorary Jet.


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