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Thread: Rex and the Ryan coaching legacy

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    Rex and the Ryan coaching legacy

    Awesome article on the front page of right now about Rex, his brother Rob and their father Buddy. Its a great read.


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    Great read. Thanks for posting.

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    Great find - that was awesome. :cool:

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    Absolutely awesome read!! Thanks for posting.

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    I just read the article, makes me feel great about our upcoming seasons - we finally have a HC and a QB. When is the last time we felt good about both positions at the same time?

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    I am very uncomfortable with how bright my outlook on the Jets' future is right now. Shot at the Lombardi notwithstanding, my long-term hopes for the franchise are sky-high.

    I want to believe.

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    This was my favorite line:

    "You've got guys in here right now willing to play for him, wanting to run through that brick wall for him. If we could line up tomorrow and play Indy, we would."

    THAT was what made Parcells so great as a coach.

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    I hate the comments on the bottom by almost everyone. Some jackass Indy fan saying that he needs to shut his mouth and find some pride and humility. Although some Pats fan said Rex was growing on him... FF2?

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    [QUOTE] In March, during the first team meeting, he gathered the Jets together and said they were going to be the No. 1 defense in the NFL and No. 1 in rushing in 2009.[/QUOTE]

    This statement really stood out for me. It showed that he had a specific objective for 2009 even while the team had not even drafted Sanchez and Greene to fit in his vision. Most coaches just adapt to their existing personnel and compromise their vision in favor of objectives.

    Ryan definitely has the will to impose his vision in spades. That is rare trait in leadership and it is a product of instinct and experience, not rationality and knowledge based on traditional principles.

    Just observe the difference between the instinct driven Ryan and the cold calculation and and rationality of Belichick.

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    bump and merge please

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