[B]First you frustrate, then intimidate and finally dominate!!![/B]

[B]D to frustrate: The 2-5 scheme[/B]

I remember a few years back when Bill B put together a crazy defence that made Payton cry in frustration. Playoffs in Foxboro BB had a 2-5 defence that drove Payton nuts.
He was rushing 2 men, dropped 5 into middle coverage took out the screen, the draw, and all intermediate passes.

[B]D to intimidate: Blitzburg[/B]
Once frustrated ….then you start overload blitzes so Mr. Clean can taste the synthetic field turf.

[B]Offense to dominate: Power running[/B]
The Colt line and backers don’t have the size to match up with the ground n pound.
I remember that lesson against the Raiders and their huge O-line a couple playoffs ago.

My only problem has been with our punting and return game …damn……a ball control team without field position…