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Thread: Amazing Package on Jets/Colts on ESPN

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    Amazing Package on Jets/Colts on ESPN

    Did anyone else see the great piece parallelling Jets/Colts 1969 to today. I got chills hearing Namath's guarantee and seeing the footage. I'm only 24 so that is just history to me, but it was a really well done piece of journalism. It just aired on Sportscenter here ont he West Coast, I assume it'll run a bunch more times before Sunday.

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    My daughter and I watched it on Tuesday I believe.

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    Yeah, Jeremy Schaap did a nice job with it. I've been trying to find it on ESPNs website so I can post it here, but to no avail yet.

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    Title of show??

    Whats the name of this show "or piece" so I can search the guide for it please.

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    A piece or package is not a show, so you can't find it in the guide. Just keep watching Sportscenter between now and Sunday and you'll have to randomly catch it. Packages air during sportscasts or newscasts. They don't stand alone.


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