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Thread: Rex sent Marty a game ball.

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    It's a little bit of an "In your face!" move to San Diego.

    I like it :)

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    You also have to remember that Rex's dad was fired by philly under similar circumstances: great regular season record but no playoff success and disputes with management. There's no doubt Brian beating SD in this game meant something to Marty and Brian (especially because hiring Brian was one of those disputes) and Rex understood that.

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    [QUOTE=gunnails;3471040]What might make sense is.

    Marty was on the speaker phone while the Jets coaching staff was game planing, giving insight/advice on what Norv might have planed and maybe potential weakness for SD, you know, helping out his boy,[/QUOTE]

    Bingo, they were talking about that on 1090 ( San Diego sports station )
    and people are outraged, they think Rex did it to rub the Chargers noise in it, not because of the inside tips, although that apparently happened.

    Footnote: These people are crushed, its non stop Charger talk , rehashing their nightmare over and over again, kinda fun to listen to, boy do they hate the Jets now. I turned over to 710 ESPN radio in LA , all they talk about is the Lakers, boring .


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