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Thread: Put the ball in the hands of your playmakers

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    Put the ball in the hands of your playmakers

    Time for Revis to be our punt returner. He was pretty explosive @ Pitt. Thoughts?

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    I wouldn't risk the injury.

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    In Morris Co., N.J. at the right end of a Browning 12 gauge, with Nick to my left n Rex to my right.
    No question about it, it's done all the time.....The only thing is if we can get them to punt, do we want to make him a marked man?
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    Jason Sehorn disagrees with this idea, strongly.

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    They did put him back to "receive" the 57-yard FG miss, and he looked pretty good running it back.

    Not sure I'd have him returning punts tho. He hasn't done it all year and Cotch is very sure handed and usually gets a few yards.

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    It's an idea that definitelty could work, and he was a really good returner at Pitt, butI just couldn't see risking it

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    ... with how important he is to the D i don't think i want to chance it ...

    ... i'm thinking more to keep his head focused on wayne/clark/whoever they put him on ... as opposed to those who are worried about the injury possibility ... he hasn't done it all season ... let's not distract him from what he's done so successfully all season ...


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    No. No no no no no. No.

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    I thought about this last night, so strange someone brought it up tonight, but I was more thinking split out as a WR. I wouldn't want it to be a lot, but since the Colts will know our receivers inside and out, why not put someone out there, that they don't know on the offense side of the ball. If he can come up with those acrobatic catches on defense, why not the other way around. AND, we need a wrinkle or 2, that would do it. Then you have him out as a decoy on the next possession and throw elsewhere.

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    I was thinking about it too on sunday cause he was really good at Pitt but wow that is really risky although Deon did it and was never hurt returning punts.

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    Absolutely not.

    The only time I want him receiving the ball is thru int's, anything else is just too much risk and not enough reward

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    You don't ask people to do things they haven't done all year, not unless you don't have any other choice.

    This is the time that you remember what got us here.

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    [QUOTE=FijiJet;3471122]Absolutely not.

    The only time I want him receiving the ball is thru int's, anything else is just too much risk and not enough reward[/QUOTE]

    Not sure I agree with that. With leon returning punts he was always a threat...JC has really been blah (yes I know he hasnt turned it over, and that is big)...but its the AFC championship, DR returning punts gives an added chance at a breakout play that JC doesnt....anyway, all just talk cause it aint happening anyway

    But anybody get the feeling we will be trying on onside kick or fake punt?


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