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Thread: I Want To Publicly Recall My Beef With Shotty.

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    I Want To Publicly Recall My Beef With Shotty.

    Can I have a takeback. I feel as if I've spoken too soon. I am repenting. Keep up the good work

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    I suppose if you wanted a recall, you can have one, but its not necessarily warranted..

    Shotty deserved the criticism he got throughout the season. The last 5 weeks, he's called some great games. But he's called some [U]TERRIBLE[/U] ones too. I'd like to believe that he learned from his mistakes and [B]figured out [/B]what works and what doesn't throughout the season. Cause honestly, he made some bonehead decisions against MIAMI and BUF. No amount of scope or listerine was able to washout the taste of that passing play when we were 2nd and 6 inside the MIA 15.
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    Schotty is relieved to hear this.


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